Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oww, my Legs!

It has been a long time since I've ridden my Xootr scooter, due to the somewhat hazardous riding conditions around Los Angeles. I've once tried it along the Venice Beach boardwalk, but not rigorously.

Today, lured outside by sheer boredom, restlessness and beautiful sunny weather, I drove the Camry down to the northern tip of Manhattan Beach (at the El Segundo border), parked, and kicked my way southward along the bike path. Made it to Hermosa Beach (where's there's a great New Orleans restaurant I went to with some Sony folks), then to its southern-most point where "the Strand" path ends and a bike path continues along the road into Redondo Beach. Never been there before, so I scooted past a marina and then into a Pier area full of Mexican and Korean Seafood restaurants, mixed with an Irish Pub and a bar frequented by folks in their 50s. I finally settled on seafood, gulping down oysters (HUGE), shrimp cocktail, a small cup of clam chowder and a beer. The view southward was nice -- the beach proper, above which in view were the Palos Verdes Estate houses overlooking a cliff to the Pacific Ocean. Nice!

Several hours later, my right knee is sore. My legs feel like they've been used by Savian Glover (then discarded, after discovering they couldn't go fast enough). Apparently that journey was about 8 miles round trip. Xootrs are recommended for journeys less than 1 mile. Oops.

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